The Womb Connection

21 EFT Protocols for Prenatal Trauma Resolution

A Comprehensive Guide to Empowering and Positively Transforming Your Existence

Authors: Sandra Ramos and Jorge A. Ramos.

Embark on a profoundly transformative journey with The Womb Connection. Explore 21 EFT protocols for the potential resolution of prenatal trauma and its connection to your current existential challenges.

This comprehensive guide, backed by nearly 300 scientific studies, empowers you to positively transform your cognitions and emotions, and motivates you to embrace life with optimal health, more genuine love, empathy and well-being.

The protocols can be used by anyone as a self-help tool, as well as by health professionals who wish to integrate EFT into their clinical practice.

Empower yourself with the 776 transformational phrase sequences included in the 21 EFT protocols.

You can do it!

Published in Portuguese and English in three versions: hardcover, paperback, and electronic (i.e., e-book, only available on Amazon).

The 21 EFT Protocols

1. Transgenerational trauma.
2. Epigenetic inheritance.
3. Miscarriage (female version).
4. Miscarriage (male version).
5. Loss of a twin.
6. Elective abortion (female version).
7. Elective abortion (male version).
8. Born after an elective abortion.
9. Nearly aborted.
10. Intention to abort a child.
11. Idealized sex projection (female version).
12. Idealized sex projection (male version).
13. Father absence.
14. Exposure to stress.
15. Exposure to drugs and illicit substances.
16. Exposure to alcohol.
17. Exposure to tobacco.
18. Unintended harm to the unborn child.
19. Preterm birth.
20. Born by Caesarean section.
21. Traumatic birth.

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Independently published by Sandra Ramos and Jorge A. Ramos.

Number of pages: 279
Publication date: 04-09-2023
Language: English

Declared at SPA—Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (Portuguese Society of Authors) on 4 September 2023: Paperback: ID-6170. Hardcover: ID-6172. IPI-406097469 and IPI-294059052.

Graphic art (covers and illustrations): Sandra Ramos and Jorge A. Ramos.

ISBNs: Paperback: 9798860215832. | Hardcover: 9798860242234.

Copyright © 2023, Sandra Ramos and Jorge A. Ramos; all rights reserved.


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