In Utero I: Intrauterine Psychodynamics. The ISP—Idealized Sex Projection

Supported by about eight hundred scientific references, mainly from the fields of biology, psychology, psychiatry, and sociology, this bibliotherapeutic work reveals surprising information about the first stage of human existence: in utero. It is aimed both at the general population, to raise awareness of intrauterine psychic life, and at health professionals, to whom the authors propose the inclusion of a new concept—Idealized Sex Projection—into their theoretical rationales, to enable more incisive and effective practices.

As a result of about twenty years of research, the authors discuss in this book the parental preference for the sex of their children by illustrating fifty clinical cases that were worked with Family Constellations (FC) as a classical psychotherapy and subjected to exploratory research based on hermeneutic phenomenological reflection. Numerous insights and new perspectives arise from this systemic-phenomenological practice, such as those on patriarchy, sex-selective abortion, female foeticide, female neglect, feminicide, the fraternal birth order effect, non-heterosexuality, and intra-familial incest.

Information is also given here on rarer topics in the FC literature, such as the phenomenological stance, schemas about being-with-the-other, types of attachment styles, psychic crypts, systemic ghosts, invisible loyalties, and cognitive heuristics.

Moreover, the authors propose to add some new concepts to the scientific literature on general psychotherapy, such as homeostatically oriented sentences, psychic protoschema, archaic fault, fictive attachment, systemic-phantom-member, three-dimensional obscurity of trauma, imperceptible trauma, macrosystemic psychopathology, specular phantomization, feminine-social-political negligence, politically imposed sociopsychosis, and the central theme of this work, the ISP, or idealized sex projection.

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