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Karuna – One of The Most Beautiful Branches of Reiki (EPUB)

8,99  (IVA incluído)

Karuna – One of The Most Beautiful Branches of Reiki

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Karuna is an unusual book that unites scientific and spiritual knowledge, and presents a novel literary technique – Meditagination – through which the readers meditate while reading and imagining. This technique assists in the internal adjustments that re-establish the flow of life.
Presented herein are 38 meditaginations focused on matters concerned with human development, such as: recovering from sexual abuse, exploring past lives, developing healthier relationships, self-compassion and addictions, abundance as a natural flow, self-exorcism, ascension of the kundalini, the power of language, and affinity with money.
All the meditaginations work as a unique portal for the renovation of the heart, the integration of the mind, and help promote a blissful experience on this planet.
This is a must-have book for anyone who wants to reshape their inner and outer worlds.


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